Why Choose a Family Search Pro?

It just makes sense because of the time and expense involved - see below

Maybe you do not have the time to do the research yourself?

There are several advantages to hiring me–rather than doing the “dirty work” yourself.  I offer my clients the advantage of speed.  I am an experienced researcher and have developed “methods to my madness” and can I complete a search faster and more efficiently.

Additionally, I am a trained professional.  I know where to begin your research and how to find the best and most pertinent information. I know what resources hold the most valuable information and those that might be a complete waste of time.  Being a trained genealogist, I also have access to tons of records that may be found offline. I have close access to a countless number of sources.

Maybe you do not have the necessary genealogical research skills?

Most work can be done by me in significantly less time than a hobbyist can do it- particularly if you do not have access to the records in a particular locality.  Those with little time for genealogical pursuits, or those for who speed in gathering information is important, may find this a worthwhile expenditure.  I have more experience with specific records or repositories and will, therefore, be able to do your research much faster.

You should hire someone with experience and knowledge in your area.  I live close to the source of records; perhaps you may be in a different county, state or country.  It is less expensive to hire me than to travel to the site of the records.

Maybe you do not know what records exist that might offer a solution to your research problems?

I usually know what resources to trust.  If you come across conflicting information, i.e. two sources give you different dates, how will you know which one is right?  I come in contact with conflicting resources all the time and have the experience necessary to find out correct dates and information.  On top of that, I also have access to restricted resources, which will help fight conflicting information.  Many archives have strict rules and limit access to the public.  I will often be granted more access to these resources because I am known to them.
Because of expertise in a particular area, I may be able to solve problems that stump you.  In summary, you can rely on me for:

  •  my knowledge of sources, their content and location
  •  my planning ability which saves time and effort
  •  my expertise in particular areas and or record types
  •  my knowledge of and access to repositories in their locale

If you lack the time, knowledge, tools, expertise, or access to records in order to research your family tree, then you will really enjoy working with me and engaging my services!








I make ancestry searching as easy as 1 – 2 – 3…

I am a trained “Ancestry Search Professional”.  I know where to begin your research and how to find the best and most pertinent information.

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